4 Simple Steps



Here at Deluxe Maintenance we understand that your vision projects require planning. Transforming your vision into a plan is our job: from acquiring the needed approval to finding the right materials, from coordinating the whole team to showcasing the completed project. We understand the market and have built strong relationships with our suppliers, therefore we can meet your budget without compromising on quality.


Turning your vision into a reality starts with the design stage. Our team will assemble visuals and detailed drawings of your project. These resources will be then used to benefit the planning, to build regulation approvals and to involve investors and clients. Through the combination of practical proficiency and design ability we will help you to transform your work drawings into the end result.


We at Deluxe Maintenance we want to provide you with access to quality at reasonable prices. That is why we have our own direct sources of supply. By curtailing the chain, we can give you access to market-leading prices. Thanks to our extensive network of industry contacts we can still source the materials in case we don’t have them.


During the installation step of the project we deal with quality, crafting and fitting. As far as fitting out we have an at hand team of directly managed professionals. The majority of our project management deals with ensuring the quality of the finished work. We also have an extensive database with experienced craftsmen, which means that finding the appropriate person for the job is a task you can safely entrust us with.